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Homeopathic Remedies Southampton | Homeopathy From The Tree of Life Clinic Hampshire | Rosie Chapman and Stephen Travis

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Homeopathy - The Tree Of Life Method Of Diagnosing

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Most patients come to The Tree of Life Clinic for homeopathy after they have unsuccessfully tried for a long time all other traditional and conventional methods to diagnose and get help with their health problems.

Whilst traditional medicine deals with the human body on a "Macro" Level, The Tree of Life Clinic uses sophisticated equipment that helps analyse what is going on in the human body on a "micro" level. That is why a lot of problems that cannot be seen when using traditional methods eg: blood tests etc. can actually be successfully treated in The Tree of Life Clinic.

Rosie Chapman and Stephen Travis have been successfully treating patients at their Southampton Clinic for over 14 years.

Our Sophisticated Diagnostic Machine

homeopathic treatment in southampton at the tree of life

The machine used for diagnosing health problems in The Tree of Life Clinic (The Vega Expert Machine) can measure how different parts of the body are functioning by using non-invasive electronic current.

The metal baton held by the patient conducts energy through the body and the results obtained by measuring many different acupressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to different parts of the patient's body.

Once the problems are confirmed, the effective remedy that will counter the negative effect on your body will be prescribed. (read more about our homeopathic treatment procedure)

The method is painless, non-invasive and extremely precise and the success rate is over 90%.

Conditions Treated With Homeopathy

Our homeopathic remedies can treat a wide range of conditions – from common colds, flu, eczema, glandular fever – though a wide variety of ladies’ conditions, ME, IBS, measles and mumps - to rarer conditions like malaria and autism. See our detailed list of homeopathically treatable conditions.

Contact Rosie or Steve on 02380 366 992 or email us at The Tree of Life for more information.

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